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Design Brilliant is headquartered is Las Vegas, Nevada 

“We Make Dreams Reality” Glen Chapman answered with smile, asking  "How May I Help You?" to the curious couple who had politely asked “What is it that you do?” they asked in conversation while attending a charity fundraising event held in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Design Brilliant visionary founder Glen Chapman is a renowned interior designer, avant-garde artist, fine oil painter, sculptor, inventor, entrepreneur, business owner, investor and a world traveler. Glen hasdeep passion for design with a love for nature and a zest for living life to its fullest! and never a loss for words.


Glen Chapman
Glen commenced his entree into the world of art and interior design while living in Dallas, Texas. Glen soon established Glen Chapman Designs, Offering exclusive private design services to his high end clientele. Glen Chapman Designs was by referral only and Glen quickly added very long list of distinguished names to his growing and loyal following. Glen’s private client’s list of high net worth individuals and well known celebrities opened up fantastic new opportunities allowing Glen the opportunities to create his truly inspired designs with exciting new concepts. Glen focused his new design projects themed with fine Art as his inspirations using exquisitely hand carved marble sculptures, original oil paintings and fabulous objects de art to achieve the desired feelings, tailored exactly to  of his clients tastes and desires just as they had envisioned in their dreams, soon to become their new realities . Glens unique talents combined with his ability to flawlessly create a design style as a completely immersive multi layered fantasy come to life experience, using exotic mixtures of luxurious design elements, finishes, colors and textures with traditional design sensibilities and a sophisticated splash of inspired style. Glen's   unique ability to translate his clients “Dreams into Reality” is beyond amazing to observe somehow Glen possesses ability see everything in his mind as completely finished in an amazing process of seeing it as it should be. This is a non verbal process of knowing the feelings his design clients are envisioning  intuitive process with amazing attention paid to the smallest of details. Glen's passion design is a truly gift and his remarkable ability to somehow create  in th is beyond amazing!  Glen possesses A level executive business skill and world class communication skills. Glens extensive business experiences include being a entrepreneur, a business owner, a interior designer, a business investor, a world traveler, a philanthropist and Glen loves helping other in fundraising for many charitable organizations mentoring students of design and new  business owners and start up entrepreneurs.  Glen’s creative mind is always thinking and focused on finding new ways to express his ideas and talents, in new adventures, fantastic new discoveries he loves to share with his clients and his friends while creating fabulous new Realities all along the way! 

Glen Chapman is a member of (IDS) The Interior Design Society in Las  Vegas, Nevada Chapter and  (IDS) The Interior Design Society, Nationally. 

A Business Member of (SRLV) The Social Register of Las Vegas / Southern California. The Former, Vice President U.S.A. The Lions Clubs International, (L.V.V.A.L.C.) The Las Vegas Vietnamese American Lions Clubs International Charter. (Motto): "We Serve" in 210 Countries together with 1,400,000 International Lions Clubs Volunteers.serving the needs of the blind, orphaned children and the homeless locally in our communities and in 210 Countries Globally. without judgement only compassion and love to all in need.

Design Brilliant

4080 Paradise Rd

Suite: 250

Las Vegas, Nevada 89169

Phone (702) 628-8305

Email: glen@designbrilliant.net

Website: http://www.desigtnbrilliant.net 

Website: http://www.qidpro.com/designbrilliant/  


Face book: http://www.facebook.com/designbrilliant

Twitter: http://twitter.com/502_8356

Linked In: http://linkedin.com//glen-chapman236b4a135

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Offering Private Design Services and Consultations Available 24/7 by Appointment Only.


Design Brilliant

4080 Paradise Rd. Suite 250 Las Vegas, Nevada 89169 United States

(702) 628 - 8305




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Glen Chapman Founder, Partner and Interior Designer

Design Brilliant

4080 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89169, United States

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